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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cafe LuLu

Next stop for this foodie was Cafe LuLu, a local favorite in Bay View that opened its doors in 2001. I went on a little lunch date with Mom and indulged in some tasty eats. LuLu's has always been one of my mom's go-to spots to grab their calabrese salad and delicious homemade chips. Get a side of the their blue cheese dipping sauce for the chips and you'll think you've gone to heaven. The calabrese is fresh and light and perfect for a mid day meal, but my go-to is the falafel pita for a more Middle Eastern vibe. Come on, who doesn't enjoy good falafel?

While I am always food obsessed, what really wins me over is that little something extra a restaurant puts into their food or atmosphere. In LuLu's case, I love that the art on the walls is always different. Sometimes I love what they have on the walls and sometimes the pieces just aren't for me, but I always appreciate it. Art makes you smart, folks.

The exposed brick, large windows that can open to let in the summer breeze, a space for live music and a big screen to perhaps showcase Sunday football (sorry Pack, maybe next year) make Cafe LuLu's an all around enjoyable space to share a meal with coworkers or friends.

Secret trick (or may not so secret): get half chips and half asian slaw for your side to get a taste of all the things that are good in this world. 


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