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Monday, November 20, 2017

Soup Bros

Soup bros filling up soup bowls.

This hole-in-the-wall serves up some of Milwaukee's best soup. Don't expect fine dining with white gloves and cloth napkins. But do expect some damn good soup. 

Just a few minutes from my office, Soup Bros makes for an easy in and out or a quirky place to sit down and enjoy a hot bowl of soup and fresh bread for dunking. The soup is served in a mixture of bowls with different prints and patterns, while the decor is fun and eclectic. With random knickknacks and trinkets all around, you could go everyday and probably discover something new (that's actually old). Random paintings hang on the walls, an old mac monitor has since shed it's interior and now houses all the fixings of a fish bowl (no fishies in sight), and star-shaped light fixtures dangle from the ceiling. 

The soups are flavorful and the menu is limited, but diverse enough to provide options for whatever your soup craving may be. My go-to is the red pepper bisque, but the white cheddar and bermuda onion is a great second choice if you're looking for a very filling option. Pick between twelve or sixteen ounces depending on your level of hangry. On any given day, they could have at least six different options, some staples and some that come and go. The bread is always warm and fresh and makes the perfect dunking companion.

Seating is limited, with one community table and a few smaller tables, but this is a hot spot to grab and go and fellow soup slurpers usually file in and out frequently enough to find a spot. The wait to get your soup can range from just a few minutes to a good fifteen to twenty minutes when busy, but the soup (and bread) are worth it. This little soup shop once served sandwiches, but now develop their sandwich creations at Boo-Boo's, located just around the corner.

Soup Bros is a must-try local dive with eclectic charm that operates for lunch during the work week and on Saturdays.


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