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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Birch + Butcher

Step inside to a strong scent of smoked meats. And there is no denying that this smell fills your nostrils with intrigue, but Birch & Butcher is not only what it smells of. The name lends itself to a very carnivore focused restaurant, but herbivores can enjoy just as delicious and adventurous a meal, with a more limited variety. Be warned, your clothes will smell of smoke when you walk out the door.

This new Milwaukee spot is fresh and unlike anything in the area. Modern, crisp decor and unique dishes create an atmosphere that anyone would, could, and should enjoy. My first trip to Birch & Butcher treated me to an incredible rosemary sea salt bagel with cream cheese, avocado toast, and a delectable cheese board. I visited for lunch and shared all three. During brunch for my second visit, I indulged in chocolate bread french toast and potatoes with chili hollandaise that were everything my mouth wanted and never knew could be so good. From presentation to taste, hats off to the chef. 

Never forget about what some say is the most important meal of the day (I say the most important meal is breakfast...and lunch...and dinner). Birch & Butcher can make all your morning cravings come true starting at the crack of dawn (more specifically, 7:30 am- seems like the crack of dawn to me) with fresh bagels or bread baked in-house everyday.

While I have yet to visit for dinner, it is rumored to have an ever changing menu and reservations are a must. Happy hour also runs weekdays from 4-6 PM.

And for those of you still holding strong to those New Years resolution diets, to that I say, let this be your cheat day. Eat those carbs, drown yourself in cheese, and drink all the wine. Let yourself give way to a dining experience found no where else in Milwaukee. Just for one night (and breakfast, and lunch, and brunch).

Welcome to Milwaukee Birch & Butcher. I'll see you again soon!

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