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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


A very cold day well spent in the Windy City.

I've been going to Chicago my entire life and it never gets old. This last weekend we spent Saturday in the city (along with about a million drunk people celebrating St. Patty's Day) eating delicious food, walking the green river, and visiting my grams and fam. Instead of driving and attempting to find parking during this historically busy weekend in Chicago, we took the Amtrak train in. It's a hassle free and relaxing way to travel. 

After arriving at Union Station, we walked to the West Loop for brunch, picking Grange Hall Burger Bar for our next foodie escapade. When the food came out, the burgers were the size of my head. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but they were too big to tackle by hand. Naturally, I gave it a go and I probably looked like I hadn't eaten in weeks the way I was trying to shove that thing in my mouth. I got Victor's Veggie and added a farm fresh egg, as well a side of waffle fries to share. I love, love, love waffle fries. Somehow they just seem better than any other fry, but these were nothing spectacular. I wish I had gone with their Buffalo Pile Fries and gotten the works, but maybe next time. The burger was quite tasty and I would definitely get that bad boy again. Victor knows what's up.

It was a great day full of food, fam, and f*cking cold weather. See you again soon Chi!

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