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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Food is Fuel

Fuel up with some grub.

Prepare for a rant about my love for this place. Fuel Cafe has actually been around since 1993, but there's a new Fuel in town. The original location is in Riverwest, while their new cafe and restaurant is located in Walker's Point. Renovated from an old warehouse, Fuel Cafe is edgy and completed to perfection. Fuel is topping my list of favorite restaurants in Milwaukee. 

The decor and food are equally thrilling, a claim few establishments can make. The amount of depth and detail put into this space does not go unnoticed and the combination of cafe and restaurant is executed flawlessly. The entrance leads you into the cafe, where they sell baked good, coffee and Fuel merch. They even serve and sell their own exclusive coffee, Fuel by Colectivo. Note the walls, full of frames referencing the dirt bike theme of Fuel, the garage-like windows for fresh air in the summer months, as well as the 'Killer Coffee Lousy Service' sign, which adds a little humor and charm. Grab a cup of coffee and a bite upstairs to the mezzanine directly above the cafe. Have something quick or spend an afternoon. Along the way, take note of the unique metal work on the railing, developed by Seth Tyler, a local sculptor.  

The back half of the space is the restaurant, where the foodie magic happens. However, there are still more subtle, and not so subtle, details to discover. The not so subtle 'FUEL' sign is very prominent up against the dark stained wood walls and the sky lights, if added in the renovation, were pure genius. But look a little closer and you'll notice little details all around. From the ever changing light fixtures to the steel beams that support the overhang at the bar and the dirt bike theme spread across the walls, the combination of textures, patterns, and colors make this place exceptional.

Keep on scrolling for a look at the food and a continued rant of my love for Fuel.

Time to discuss the beautiful, mouthwatering, and oh so delectable food you see above. I told you this would be a rant, but it was that good, so it's fine. My first trip to Fuel Cafe was during brunch and while the veg options were outweighed by lobster this and burger that, the dishes I had were literal perfection. My favorite way to eat is by sharing (sharing is caring) and this foodie trip was no different. From the first bite of the Johnny Cakes, the perfect mix of sweet and savory touched my tastebuds. I don't know who Johnny is, but he knows the way to my heart. I almost always pick savory over sweet, but sometimes a girl just wants some pancakes and these corn cakes were the perfect combination. With wilted kale, corn salsa, poached eggs, chipotle crema, and pico, the Johnny Cakes really hit the spot. And then there was the toast. Oh, the avocado toast. I'm ashamed to say I have never had avocado toast (so much shame), but now I will never be the same. The avocado was just right and the heirloom tomatoes, sprouts and french bread all came together for perfect flavor. I added a poached egg* to this for a little something extra.

Hats off to you, Fuel Cafe. Brunch was fantastic and I can't wait to go back for more. And for those that have not been, just go. Seriously. I'll probably be there every week, so see ya there!

*Warning: secret tip ahead!.....get the poached eggs on the side of the Johnny Cakes and you can put one on the the cakes and one on the toast.

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