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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Empanada Mama

Stirring things up this time around.

While normally I write about my adventures at restaurants and let other people do the cooking for me, this time I'm going somewhere this foodie has never gone before...the kitchen. Okay, I definitely do cook, but I have never made empanadas, so I enlisted a premier Milwaukee chef to show us how it's done. Technically, he's really a Senior Financial Systems Analyst, but he has his own personalized apron and makes a damn good empanada. Hey Josh!

I'm not here to share recipes or tricks and tips (although at some point I may, who knows). I'm here to eat. And these empanadas were top notch. We made three different kinds: spinach mushroom with cheddar, soy chorizo and potato with smoked gouda, and chicken black bean with havarti jalapeƱo. While I only had the spinach and soy chorizo flavors and cannot speak about the chicken, the two kinds I had were great. And what really perfected these empanadas was that they were grilled instead of fried. The grill made them lighter and provided another element of flavor.

Of course eating is always my favorite part, but making the empanadas was a lot of fun too. Everyone had their own job (I cut the mushrooms- important, I know) and we all participated in stuffing and sealing up the little bites of heaven. And then there was the beer. We enjoyed some Lakefront brews, which helped me get through the torturous few hours with Josh and Eric (oh, hey guys...). In all seriousness, our hosts were awesome and Josh should quit his day job and just make me empanadas.

The secret ingredient: love...or beer. Probably beer. Everyone go try making your own empanadas, but I promise they won't be as good as ours.


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