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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hello Euro: Prague

It's already been over a month since we returned from Europe and every day I'm ready to go back and explore someplace new. Instead, since apparently working and making a living is important, I will just reminisce and plan my next adventure. 

Prague is a fantastical world full of old cobblestone roads and astonishing architecture. While this was the most touristy place we visited, it's easy to get away from the crowds and find local treasures. We spent two days wandering, eating great food, and taking in the beautiful weather. Both nights we stayed in Old Town, just outside Old Town Square. The first day we played cliche tourist and checked out many of the main attractions, including the astronomical clock, the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, and the John Lennon Wall. After arriving mid day, we missed lunch and went for an early dinner, stumbling upon a vegan restaurant I read about, called Veganska. Except for the sign out front, many wouldn't even know the top floor restaurant existed. Take the stairs all the way to sit amongst the rooftops. Their patio only fits two tables, with two seats each, but it was amazing. Aside from a stunning setting, the food was great. Go find this little secret, it's well worth it. For dessert, we stopped for artisanal gelato shaped like a rose at Amorino. All the flavors you want in a shape almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. To work off some of the food, we started on yet another walk and found ourselves at the John Lennon Wall, a staple attraction that is a lot less thrilling than Instagram makes it seem. However, I do appreciate the sentiment of love and peace the wall represents. For a little night cap before heading back to the hotel, we grabbed a drink at Fat Cat (because how could I not?!) and discussed our plans for the coming day.

As we did almost every morning abroad, we got up early and got to walking. The second day in Prague was simply about enjoying the beauty of the city, with only a few things on our agenda. We walked through Josefov, the Jewish Quarters, and came across the Old Jewish Cemetery and Synagogue, now administered by the Jewish Museum. We got a peek into the cemetery, with grave stone after grave stone cluttered together, leaning this way and that, telling the tales of the 100,000 some Jews that were buried there due to restrictions on Jewish burial. Afterward, we made our way to the river, where we took a boat tour a short time later. While it was nice to see the city from the river, this tour was not particularly enjoyable (but that's what you get for 11€ I suppose). We sat down for dinner at this tiny little restaurant we found the evening before. This place is "Insta gold" as I heard a girl say one table over. The outdoor space is charming, located on a little river with a watermill across the way. The food was mediocre, but I'd go back just for another one of their lemonades. As I'd been waiting for since we arrived, I finally tried Trdelnik for dessert. The rolled dough, cooked on a stick covered in sugar and a walnut mix, had stands all over Prague (seriously, every five steps), but I was sadly disappointed. Day two came to a close with a beer at Lokal, a pub and restaurant that seemed like quite the hot spot for Prague locals to hang out. We sat on the sidewalk and enjoyed a beer while the sun began to set. Neil made friends with a little pup that belonged to a group nearby. Naturally, I tried to make friends too, but he was not interested. He must have loved the musk of an American man after a long day walking through Prague. They enjoyed a sit on the curb together and decided to be pen pals after we went our separate ways. And that is effectively where our Prague story ends. The next morning, we got up, got a little food at the only place we could find open, and hopped on a train to go to Krakow, Poland.

And that is where our next adventure begins. Stay tuned!

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