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Monday, July 24, 2017

Hello Euro: Krakow

 Qubus Hotel

  Krakus Mound

                      Pod Norenami

Stara Zajezdnia

Bezogrodek Food Park

Big bro moves to Krakow, let the fam trip commence.

After venturing through two cities in Germany and the beautiful city of Prague, we hopped on a train (and bus) to Krakow. In all honesty, Krakow would not have been my first choice for a European destination, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. Krakow should be on every foodies bucket list. From trendy to classic and food trucks to renovated warehouses, I would highly recommend Krakow for good eats and exploring.

While Krakow may not have the architectural beauty of Prague, it is beautiful in its own right and has plenty to offer. During our five days there, we spent a lot of time eating (of course) and wandering the city. We walked along the Vistula River, journeyed up to the Krakus Mound, and explored various neighborhoods. To find the tourist crowds, delve deep underground to enjoy Wieliczka, the salt mines, and explore the Wawel castle grounds that lay right in the middle of the city.

Let’s get down to what's really important though. What I put in my mouth (sorry, this isn't turning into a pornographic novel). While my favorite place was Veganic, a restaurant located within an old warehouse “park” now home to many restaurants and bars, there were many other contenders for my heart in this city; Asian fusion at Pod Norenami, pizza at Nolio, as well as the classic pierogi at Pod Baranem. I couldn't leave Poland and not have pierogi. That's like going to Germany and not having beer. It's unheard of and just wrong. For those mid-day snacks or late night eats, we devoured frites from Frytki Belgijskie, sweet treats at the cat caféand ice cream from Good LoodAnd you don't forget the drinks. Stara Zajezdnia took home the win for me for atmosphere, but Manzana served me the best mojito (perhaps drink) I have ever had. I could sip on those mojitos all day every day.

A huge thank you to my brother for showing us around and filling up my tummy with all kinds of amazing food. By plane, train and automobile, we made it through Europe without a scratch (just too many painful hours in the Berlin airport on the way home- bye British Airways). And that’s a wrap!

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