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Friday, May 18, 2018

Dazey LA

Hand drawn and handmade. By women, for women.

Started by artist, designer, photographer, and all around boss babe Dani Nagel, Dazey LA brings conversation to female equality and empowerment through vintage inspired graphics. Spreading love and sharing the boss babe mentality, Dazey carries product created by other female entrepreneurs alongside their own collection. Each artist or creator is highlighted and their journey is shared. 

With a desire to promote slow fashion, Dazey LA makes everything to order. Reducing waste and waking people up to the issues of today's fast fashion fiasco, every piece is handmade with some tender love and care. Disclaimer: slow fashion takes time, so orders take time. 

To spread the love and promote slow fashion, click the link HERE and use my code SOLILLIE for 10% off your purchase.



  1. What preset do you use to edit your photos?! So pretty:)

    1. I have created my own using Lightroom! Thank you for the comment!
      That’s so sweet!

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