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Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Nicolau Lisboa

Portas do Sol

Crafty Corner

Museu Arqueologico do Carmo

Airbnb- Old Corner House

Wish Slow Coffee House

Ler Devagar

Mez Cais

View from Park Bar
Osteria Cucina di Amici

A stunning city full of color and culture. 

The best way to explore this city is by foot. Wander without a plan and see where it takes you. Tiles cover buildings along narrow cobblestone streets, each turn exposing new colors. Local markets and restaurants sit between the homes and small shops sell knickknacks and trinkets.

Lisbon is nothing short of beautiful; everyone should go and create their own adventure. Recommendations are always helpful though, so here are mine!

We stayed in an Airbnb in Barrio Alto called the Old Corner House and couldn't have been happier with our choice; cozy and warm, the apartment gave me a feeling of home in a foreign city. We lived amongst the rooftops and we were blocks from the main roads, allowing us to walk just about everywhere.

Our first day was spent in Alfama, exploring views at Miradouro Santa Luzia and Portas do Sol. The city contrasted so beautifully against the water, the colors all blending to create something truly picturesque. 

We had brunch at Nicolau Lisboa, a veg friendly spot in the heart of Alfama. The food was good and the decor was perfection, but definitely expect a wait. This area was prime shopping for those that enjoy a little retail therapy on vacation. Alfama had a high tourist population, but that came as no surprise, as the hills provided some of the best views of the city.

Barrio Alto, our home for the week, was my favorite neighborhood. You feel like a local, rather than swimming in a sea of tourists. Shops, restaurants and bars galore, this neighborhood was perfect for night or day. Right in the middle of Barrio Alto you can find Museu Arqueologico do Carmo, an affordable and quick stop of stunning architecture (or, rather, the destruction of). Just up the street is Boa-Bao, a delicious pan-Asian restaurant that serves up great food and drinks in a unique, cave-like space.

For lunch, or dinner, or a quick snack, Timeout Market is a great place to go where you can try different cuisines from around the world. Stop by for something fast or stay for a cocktails and as much food as your stomach can handle.

Feeling a good beer or spot to escape the heat, Crafty Corner can fufill all your flight needs (snack needs too). Take a seat upstairs in their lounge space or enjoy the sunlight downstairs at their high tops. The staff is super friendly and helpful if in need of any recommendations.

After stuffing your face for the day, I highly recommend heading up the hill to Park Bar, the BEST place to grab a drink and watch the sunset. This rooftop parking lot turned garden terrace provided some of my favorite views, but expect crowds, especially during the sunset. Sit above the rooftops and enjoy everything that is Lisbon with a great cocktail in hand.

And for some amazing Italian, Osteria Cucina di Amici. Tiny with mediocre service, the interior is nothing to write home about. But the food was divine. And unique. Eggplant meatballs and beet root pesto pasta were on the menu for us, as well as their delicious homemade bread and oil. The restaurant is tucked away in the outskirts of Barrio Alto, almost unnoticeable. The building is covered in beautiful tiles with vines and blooming flowers rounding the corner. 

Once you feel you have sufficiently explored the central portion of Lisbon, head outside of downtown and check out the LX Factory. It is an awesome warehouse curated into a collection of shops, restaurants, and artLer Devagar is a must for bookworms, but is still a great space to check out even if reading isn't your thing (like me). Stop for a morning pick-me-up at the part coffee shop, part boutique Wish Slow Coffee House (heyy free wifi). And, for a bite to eat after working up an appetite, Mez Cais is a cool space with good drinks and decent food. The LX factory was a great adventure outside the city and I would recommend this stop as a must for anyone that strives to #shopsmall.

And, last but not least, go to Sintra and wander around Palácio da Pena. We did not make it due to rain, but it looked otherworldly and I can't wait to go back and check it off my bucket list someday.

From my experience, if you're trying to keep your trip cheap and on budget, you need two full days for Lisbon to cover all the main stops and one day for Sintra. Taking the tram isn't necessary unless heading to the LX Factory, if you want to join the tourists on the famous 28 or if you do not have great mobility. Their public transportation was not the easiest to figure out, but you can always buy a ticket on the tram for a little extra.

Pão pão, queijo queijo.


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