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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Like Minds Like Beer

Took a break from do some drinking.

Like Minds, a new brewery and restaurant in Milwaukee as of 2016, was my latest stop in my Milwaukee escapade. It just so happened that we visited Like Minds on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon this February and sat on their patio. Just like many breweries, we were able to get a flight and try four different beers. We got the Rhubarb Sour, Tart Citra, Archimedes, and Amarillo IPA. My pallet has always ventured toward the fruitier and sweeter drinks. That's just the kind of gal I am. The Sour and Citra were right up my alley, but that's not to say I never enjoy other beers. My taste buds have developed and I've grown to enjoy beers such as Archimedes, a nice clean IPA. I must confess, however, that it did have tropical citrus aromas like pineapple. Anything pineapple, sign me up. It's my thing. The Amarillo sample was not for me. Not because it wasn't good, just wasn't my cup of tea...or beer, if you will.

The patio space was great and I'm sure it will be packed during the summer months, but my favorite part was probably the interior, just in terms of decor and ambiance. Like Minds had what every establishment should in my opinion: lots and lots of natural light. The interior had big windows, but what really made it feel spacious was the giant skylights. To finish the space off, succulents rested on the tables and art hung on the walls. You can also take a peak into their brewery and see what's coming soon.

Like Minds was clean and simple, with all the right elements coming together to create a great space. And while I didn't eat, so I cannot judge the food, my eyes are always pealed for delicious food and a wide variety of dishes. With vegetarian options for appetizers, I didn't see any veg friendly options for entrees. Not a big deal if you're just looking for a snack or something small, but my favorite places are the ones that cater to all diets.




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