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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Poke See, Poke Do

Poke has hit Milwaukee. FreshFin, located on North Avenue, is the first all poke restaurant in the city. Bringing Hawaiian and Japanese influences together, poke is everything you could want in one bowl. This traditionally raw fish salad commonly served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine has become a rather trendy option served as an entree and chefs all over are putting their own spin on it. FreshFin lets you BYOB (Build Your Own Bowl), so the options are endless. Whether you're into the raw fish vibe or want something veg, the choices are all there. And if you aren't looking to make a lot of decisions (like me most days), you can give one of their signature bowls a try and the decisions are made for you. FreshFin is fast, healthy and, most importantly, delicious. Forgive me for sounding like an ad campaign, but it's true.

Myself and my lunch date (hey Neil!) both went the vegan route, which automatically gives you a base of shiitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes, avocado and your choice of white rice, brown rice or mixed greens. I picked white rice and from there I chose the classic sauce as well as the cilantro lime sauce. My free add-ons included edamame, cucumbers, pineapple and crispy onion. Good shit.

The decor at FreshFin is simple, clean and perfectly executed. It's all in the details and they hit a home run. The booth seats have an awesome fish print that isn't too busy and fits right in with the theme. And don't forget the succulents. I have a soft spot for all things succulent, but it adds some greenery and a little bit of color to the subtle and crisp atmosphere.

Thanks for visiting! Just keep swimming!


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